March Madness! Inshore fishing! Biloxi, Ms

Thousands of legal migrants have evaded the shores of the Mississippi Gulf Coast….Just in time for spring break let the fun begin!!!

The rather small but scrappy and great eating white trout and ground mullet have showed up…Swarming in large schools hungry for most any bait that hits the water….The water temperatures have reached the mid-60s a little early but all the migratory fish are starting to show up…These fish are fairly small most in the poundish range but can really tussle on light tackle…You can make quick work of them in an hour or so, good fast action and they are really tasty…One of the better fresh frying fish along the Gulf Coast… Great for some of the younger kids…I still love catching them myself…

White trout hit like a freight train….Ground mullet shaped like a red just have amazing power for a smaller fish… I know a lot of people are looking for the big fish and of course the reds and black drums are still here and biting as they are year-round…

The first few trips of March we’re producing some nice speckled trout, flounder and now with the addition of the ground mullet and white trout we should really start heating up.. I’m adventuring out to the Barrier Islands few days next week… I’m predicting cobia, sharks and mackeral by end of March..

Still quite a few release trips.,..Which I must say that 1 mess of white trout and ground was delish so thank you… Most any of the oyster reefs in the bay or just offshore will be stacking up with ground mullet and white trout. Any piece of cut bait, squid, shrimp or most anything will do once you get them in a frenzy then the fight is on….



Capt Earl


February Fishing, Happy Valentines!!!

We have welcomed guest mostly from the middle part of the country, Michigan, Chicago, and Arkansas lately… Still mostly all catch-and-release trips… Which I cannot lie Captain likes… Gives me and the wife a few fresh fish and also some happy Pier & Bridge fisherman as we give some of the catch to them as well…

The two Bridges have been hot!!! One or the other or both (I110 or the 90 Bridge) have been producing regularly for the last month or so!!! It’s mostly the black drum schooled up in the deeper water and just a fresh dead shrimp on bottom works best!!! Either a lead head or a drop shot rig!!! They seem to be in large schools but in a very small area, you may fish three quarters of the bridge support and not find them and then just one sweet spot and you’re on and you’ll catch them every cast…

As with most any saltwater fish once you start catching a fish or two you will start catching more and more just dropping in the same spot.. most all saltwater fish empty when they eat which is automatic Chum to call their friends over.. anytime you catch a fish in saltwater you really want to drop back in the same spot with another bait just as fast as you can it helps create a Feeding Frenzy… They really are a lot of fun as they fight real hard especially in stronger current… Most have been averaging in that 3 to 6 or 8 lb range which is perfect for fighting and eating size…

There have been a few flounder and sheepshead and even some speckled trout..  there has been a  slow day or two  with all the rain and the cold fronts changing all the time… But three out of four trips have been very successful… The others we still caught fish just 5 to 8  kind of slow but not bad… The few trout have been real nice the couple flounders have been fairly small but we all know smaller flounder or any smaller fish  eats better anyway…

It’s been fairly mild lot of fog Misty Rain but the winds have been fairly calm… It’s still a pleasure to get out and fish with older friends and meet new people and enjoy a day on the water aboard the Whipasnapa so keep a tight clean line and hope to see you soon…

God Bless Capt Earl

Fishing in January on the Biloxi Back Bay

We would like to take the time to thank everybody for a very productive (loads of fish and friends)..and safe 2018. (Except for the captains shark bite….) And we would like to wish everyone a Happy and safe New Year! Hope you had a joyful Christmas…Ours was GREAT spent time with family and friends.

The Biloxi Mississippi charter boat “WhipaSnapa”, finally had decent enough weather to jump off the 2019 fishing season…As predicted the fishing was little slow….as we have had an enormous amount of rain the last couple of weeks…Even the bait shops are hurting they did not have any live shrimp, but we always keep a large supply of fresh dead!!

On this day we started out couple miles west of the I-110 bridge and fished a few consistent spots..action was slow but we were able to get few nice reds in the 14 to 17 inch range in maybe an 1 1/2 hours!!

Then ran down east of the I-110 bridge where the fishing picked up quite a bit but still the smaller Reds..won’t mention the nice flounder that flopped out trying to get it in the boat.

So to make a long story short….once we found the trick and the sweet spot we boated a large number of really nice black drum and red fish. Fishing on the front side of the highway 90 bridge with a 3/8 oz lead head along with a dead shrimp drifting with the tide on bottom…good stuff

Anchored in front of the large columns with a rising tide, letting the bait fall dead in the middle of the bridge, about 10 feet under the front side would get a strike most every time! Felt really good to see the smiles and the rods bent with the drags ripping…

So load up and come on down and knock the rust off with me


God Bless

Capt Earl WhipaSnapa Charters

Red Snapper, Sharks, and a Pompano!!!- Whipasnapa Charters

gulf of mexico sunrise
gulf of mexico sunrise

Inshore fishing is a great past time for first timers with little experience or if you just want a leisurely boat ride to get some of the Back Bays finest and a great pictures of sunrises, I never get use to this, breath taking.

In this ole capt’n opinion the Red and Black drum cook up just as well as the Snapper everybody needs to try it. And the shark meat oh yeah!!!! If you haven’t tried it you must come on down and catch you some.

We had some really great folks on the Whipasnapa Charter Boat this week. Glad to see everybody getting out on the water and taking a kid fishing. Good to see the next generation enjoying this as much as I do. Nothing like feeling that pull of the rod and landing something like this….                      So much fun to catch even better eating!!!

snappers galore offshore gulf of mexico
snappers galore offshore gulf of mexico

gulf of mexico sharks
gulf of mexico sharks

To round out the weekend we went offshore to catch some snapper and boy did we hit the mark on this! Even reeled in a pompano what a beauty. All in all we were able to miss the rain and had a great haul!!  Thanks everybody that came out to have a great time!!!!! God Bless and have a safe 4th of July

pompano and red snapper on the table whipasnapa charter
pompano and red snapper on the table whipasnapa charter

Summer is hot hot hot in Biloxi Back Bays-Whipasnapa Charters!


nice red on board the whipasnapa charter
nice red on board the whipasnapa charter

Summer is here for all you happy vacationers along the Gulf Coast. As the tempertures heat up so does the fishing aboard the Whipasnapa Charter Boat.


Fishing in the Biloxi Back Bay is great for kids of all ages, not to much experience

bull red aboard biloxi back bay
bull red aboard biloxi back bay

need but a little patients is required. On most days you will catch red and black drum, flounder, trout and a whole lot of memories.


table full of fish with the WhipaSnapa Charters
table full of fish with the WhipaSnapa Charters

Come aboard the Whipasnapa Charters and Capt Earl will put you on the best fishing spots in the Gulf guarntee to get you hooked up with the schools of fish in the Bay.

Finally a cobia makes its way to my belly- Whipasnapa Charter

cobia,ling, brownie, biloxi charter fishing, offshore fishing, gulf of mexico

Some more beautiful weather along the South Mississippi shores has finally produced a nice keeper cobia for the Biloxi Ms. charter boat Whipasnapa. Big reds, sharks, jacks an piles of spanish and King mackeral, entertained as we anticipated the next cobia to come up the chum slick, or for the screams of the reels to get everyone’s ol ticker ticking at a very dramatic tick.

Only one problem, 2 of the cobia, happened to show an hit at the same time!That didn’t work out so good. One eluded our attempt to capture the beast. But luckily (I suppose) it was the smaller of the two. Sure felt good to give out a round of ol high fives thou. Just breaking the ice was a great feeling. Especially since it seems I was getting to be one of the last to catch one. Yeah, trust me these fellows round here, they like to rub it in. Especially; when it comes to the cobia. They all ask me “You get one yet? You caught any cobia?” Well we have caught 4, which 3 were just short of making the 33inch mark. Anyway a nice fat 42 lber(has give us some redemption) an did make for some surenuff :)s. O an some happy belly’s 2.

Another nice 40 come up through the master chum slick about noon. Which the other action was about 7:30, not long after we anchored. So quite some time had passed before the next sighting. Yes, just a sighting, passed just feet from the boat in the slick 4 times. Yet no one could entice this madame to take their offerings.

The spanish on the lil light tackle spin cast helped pass some time,an were surenuff the 🙂 producers. A bright chartreuse jig bounced around in the chum, produced an exhilarating drag ripping run bout every time. A free lined poggey or croaker drifted back a little further(in the chum slick) would get the ol mighty Kings attention also.

The winds picked up on the weekend, which kept us inshore for one, an actually grounded us Sunday. The crew sat. did manage a good mess of whitetrout, Sheepshead, blackdrums an ground mullets. They elected to take a variety sampler (of the catch) to one of our favorite lil restaurants and have it cooked up for lunch. They only had 2 thumbs but gave it 4 thumbs up.

what you waiting for here is your invitation:

Getcha self on down here, load up on the dang ol’ WhipaSnapa an let’s get it on!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel