Fishing Trips and Pricing

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Inshore Light Tackle Trip

The Back Bay of Biloxi is loaded with game fish. The trick is knowing where to find them and Captain Earl knows all the hiding places.

4-6 Hour Trip

Inshore/Barrier Island Combo Trip

A combination of back bay and offshore fishing. The best of both worlds.

6 Hour Trip


This trip takes a little more muscle, grit and determination!!! The fish fight harder and are more aggressive.
6 Hour Trip

Inshore Light Tackle Trip

Inshore Light Tackle Trip


We run this trip year around and this is our most booked trip. Great for freezer filler or catch and release. Affordable for 1 person and economical for 4-6 people… I have been fishing this area my whole life!!! Great trip for Red Drum (red fish) and black drum (puppy drum) as these are the most caught and abundant 12 months out of the year… St. Record black drum is 70.5 lb St. Record red is 40 lb. They are hard fighting fish & simply amazing cooked on the grill half shelled or many other ways!! Trout and flounder are year round also… Sheepshead are a great add on for winter fishing!!!. We use dead and live shrimp to fish with “EVERYTHING” eats shrimp…. In March around the spring equinox the waters warm and fish such as ground mullet, white trout, mackerals, triple tails and other spawning fish show up in large hungry schools!!! You never really know what you’re going to get. The 4 hr trip seems to work best and is most booked!! But the 2 hr or 6 to 7 hr trips are great also! No wasted time here we fish in close proximity of the boat ramp and is all protected waters… Boo koodles of structure, bridges, piers, oyster reefs, and sunken debris from years of storms… Biloxi Back Bay has several little Islands that go right down the middle, which leads to deep channels and grassy beds. Makes for great fishing! We use all light to medium tackle spinning reels and rods… Which works best as you can change them from left hand to right hand as needed and are easiest to learn how to operate best for our type fishing…. Most of the time there’s no long casting involved… as long as you can keep a tight line and feel a bite you can catch fish. We’re mostly fishing shrimp either on top or bottom… I found fresh dead shrimp to be just as productive as live although we usually have both. We fish more live shrimp from November through February as the sheephead and speckled trout seem to prefer them more… There are no closed seasons on fish like there is in federal water… legal size limits tho..Keep them all, keep a few, give a few away or catch and release ?? Your call!!!!


4 hr. Inshore Light Tackle

1-2 Person $400.00

3- 4 Person $475.00

5-6 Person $550.00

fish cleaning for a gratuity


6 hr. Inshore Light Tackle

1-2 person $550.00

3-4  person $625.00

5-6  person $700.00

$75.00 deposit will hold any day for you. .

Fish cleaning for a gratuity.

Inshore/Barrier Island Combo Trip

Inshore/Barrier Island Combo Trip

Inshore/Barrier Island combo this trip is the 2nd most booked trip and works best as a 6 hr or 8 hr. if you like a longer day of fishing… Combo trips start getting good in March, however, the big bull Red fish (red drum) black drum, trout and a few others stay out here year-round. After the Spring Equinox the water starts reaching 70 degrees that’s when a lot of the migratory pelegic species such as the sharks, Cobia, mackerals, etc…start showing up. April till mid May is prime (large spawning) Cobia time… Most years by April 1st all your migratory fish will be in the waters near the Mississippi Barrier Island Chain some 15 miles off the coast of Biloxi. The migratory pelagic fish do not stay in one place they are constantly on the move, they will generally be in this area of the coast till late November.. There are several sandbars, grassy beds, wrecks and reefs out around the islands that of course hold bait fish which attracts the bigger meaner predator fish as well… For this trip we generally start out an hour or two inland catching the trouts and drum fish.. (Whatever is preferred or hot at the time.) I’ll save up a few fresh baits as we’re catching other fish.. large live white trout , croaker’s, and pinfish etc. work real well for the Big Bull Reds, Cobia, sharks, and mackerals etc.. Once we arrive offshore we usually drift and chum for cobia and sharks. And/or anchor and chum a wreck or bars edge… Sometimes big large schools of fish will be boiling the top of the water with birds everywhere over the top of them.. a feeding freenzy is taking place and we’ll pull up and throw a bait in the school and hook up that way. I do like chumming and it is very successful. The variety of larger spincasts we use are easy to cast and hold. When shrimp season opens (Mayish) we can get behind the shrimp boats just pass the islands and catch the Cobia, Bonitas Sharks and Jacks and stuff behind the shrimp boats…. When they start throwing all the bycatch over it really attracts a lot of big ol strong huge Hungry Fish.. anybody that’s done this can tell you its intense.. Cramping after just a couple fish….Great shark trip… 1st timers or beginners fair well on this trip also… It gets in a lil more open water and can get a lil ruff so if you have a motion sickness history please prepare…



6 hr. Inshore Barrier Island Combo Trip

1-2 person $650.00

3-4 person $725.00

5-6 person $800.00

Fish cleaning for a gratuity.



This trip takes a little more muscle, grit and determination!!! The fish fight harder and are more aggressive. You have to be ready to PURD!!!! (pull up reel down) We start some 30 miles out in the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico to tackle all the snappers, grouper, and trigger along with makeral, cobia, jack creville and many many more! Get on board and be the next SOW master!!!They don’t call us the WhipaSnapa for nothing!!!! (contact us to find out what it takes)





1-4 person $900

5 person $950

6 person $1000


Fish cleaning for a gratuity.

Reservation and Cancellation Policies

Reservation Policy

Reservations are secured by deposit either through PayPal or Credit Card over phone. Remaining balance payable at the dock day of trip.



Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of your trip (by the customer) FOR ANY REASON with less then 48 hour notice must reschedule or lose deposit.


Weather Cancellations

Cancellation due to weather will be decided day of trip by Capt. Earl. If Captain cancels trip we will reschedule trip. If customer cancels due to weather it will result in loss of refund.