Getting ready for a great fishing season! 2019

Well as spring break wraps up, the Biloxi, Mississippi Charter boat WhipaSnapa has a little time to reflect, regroup and gear up for the oncoming red snapper season…

For the most part the weather is starting to cooperate, the salinity has been running a little on the fresh side a 6 ppt or less for months now. Very few live shrimp to fish with, but the fresh dead are deadly! We were able to get out to the barrier islands in search of cobia a couple times with no luck, not even a sighting. However, the large black drum and red drum have been pretty plentiful around some of the wrecks offshore with a few sharks mixed in.

The inshore bite, despite all of the freshwater, has been pretty strong lots of reds which a large percentage of them have been under sized. The 16-17 inch reds are really fun to catch and we have been getting 4 or 5 keepers on most trips the bull reds have been showing up as well. The 4 to 6 lbs black drums have been biting pretty good and have given the clients a few fish to take home if they desire. It’s been a great variety of fish on most trips all this year actually. Along with all of that we have been getting a few real nice specs and flounders flipped up in the boat. White trout and ground mullet bite have been strong also, these fish are good for smaller kids that come aboard. Most of the adults like a little harder fighting fish, although myself and a few others enjoy the fast pace and hit of the trout and ground mullet bite. And Lord knows they make a great fish sandwich with some coleslaw!!! Yum Yum good..

If we get decent weather the 2019 Red Snapper (June1-Aug 1 2019) season should be phenomenal. So ya’ll come on down jump aboard the WhipaSnapa and let’s go play tug of war with one of the hardest fighting fish in the Gulf of Mexico. Don’t be late waiting on the pictures to see what was caught cuz that’s a guarantee those fish you will not catch. Only a few days left open actually so call today or go to and simply click the day you want


Peace and Reel Grease

Capt Earl