Red Snapper, Sharks, and a Pompano!!!- Whipasnapa Charters

gulf of mexico sunrise
gulf of mexico sunrise

Inshore fishing is a great past time for first timers with little experience or if you just want a leisurely boat ride to get some of the Back Bays finest and a great pictures of sunrises, I never get use to this, breath taking.

In this ole capt’n opinion the Red and Black drum cook up just as well as the Snapper everybody needs to try it. And the shark meat oh yeah!!!! If you haven’t tried it you must come on down and catch you some.

We had some really great folks on the Whipasnapa Charter Boat this week. Glad to see everybody getting out on the water and taking a kid fishing. Good to see the next generation enjoying this as much as I do. Nothing like feeling that pull of the rod and landing something like this….                      So much fun to catch even better eating!!!

snappers galore offshore gulf of mexico
snappers galore offshore gulf of mexico
gulf of mexico sharks
gulf of mexico sharks

To round out the weekend we went offshore to catch some snapper and boy did we hit the mark on this! Even reeled in a pompano what a beauty. All in all we were able to miss the rain and had a great haul!!  Thanks everybody that came out to have a great time!!!!! God Bless and have a safe 4th of July

pompano and red snapper on the table whipasnapa charter
pompano and red snapper on the table whipasnapa charter

Red Snapper Fishing Biloxi Mississippi – Whipasnapa Charters

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Deep Sea Fishing is a popular pastime of millions of people while on vacation, with a work group, or alone with the right captain. Though many people love fishing, this pastime is quite tricky and requires a subtle knowledge and level of experience that comes only with time and practice. Knowing yourself, choosing the right equipment, and picking the right charter boat service for a trip into the Gulf of Mexico are three important steps to improve your chances of success.

Fishing in the Gulf Of Mexico – Knowing Yourself

red snapper fish
Red Snapper on board the whipasnapa boat

To improve your chances of catching Red Snapper you need patience, persistence, and the right charter boat company in Mississippi. Once you have these in place, you will enjoy exciting times sitting on the deck of the Whipasnapa with a rod in your hands landing the big fish. With expert instruction from Captain Earl, soon you will be casting like a professional and not a soul will know that you are on your first offshore fishing trip.

Onshore and offshore fishing techniques are numerous and each has its peculiarities and equipment. Mastering all techniques for salt water fishing is virtually impossible unless you have decades of diligent practice. Even experienced freshwater anglers face difficulties when it comes to shifting to a different technique like Gulf of Mexico fishing. Usually, the techniques and equipment you choose depend on the type of fish you want catching along with knowing your fishing conditions.

Captain Earl McDaniel – Choose the right equipment

Fishing the Gulf of Mexico waters can be hit or miss depending on a number of factors. One huge factor is the Captain of the boat your charter. Captain Earl has been fishing the Gulf of Mexico waters his whole life and know where all the good spots are and how to get you there quickly. This year during the Red Snapper season you can be sure that he know exactly where to find the large schools of Red Snapper so you can get to your limit and have the best charter fishing experience possible.

Many beginning anglers think you have to have professional equipment to go on a Charter fishing boat in Biloxi, that is just not true with the Whipasnapa. Onboard this charter boat you will have all of your necessities taken care of right off the bat. And while having professional equipment is important, the right fishing conditions also play a role in catching your limit of Red Snappers in the Gulf of Mexico.

Red Snapper caught offshore in a school of fish

In addition to first class fishing tackle to gather in those Snappers, you need just the right bait. The Whipasnapa and Captain Earl have you covered there too. Many of the folks who fish these waters know that certain fish require certain bait types and Red Snapper are no exception. With decades of experience, you are certain to have the best possible luck with Captain Earl.

Whipasnapa Charters – Picking the Right Charter Boat Service

Knowing where to fish is not blind trial and error. Having scouted, read reports, gone out and tested the waters with catch and release, Captain Earl knows what many other local charter boats do not, what is working currently and where to find the big schools of Snappers. Spring has come and gone, summer is here and that means Red Snappers are ready to be caught in the short season available. In order to get to them you are going out into the deep, blue waters offshore from Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico. That means having the best quality navigation equipment, all the approved Coast Guard safety equipment on board, a solid vessel, and a veteran Captain at the helm. The Whipasnapa boat and Charter Service are all you need to start landing the big Snappers quickly. With so many choices of Biloxi Charter Boats available you need to have the best and with a long history of success, your choice is clear…the Whipasnapa and Captain Earl at the wheel.


In Summary


Red Snapper day 2 whipasnapa charters

Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico takes an experienced captain, great weather, the right equipment, and being able to get on top of the fish. If you are looking to catch some Red Snapper during the current season should give us a call at 228-229-6978

Finally a cobia makes its way to my belly- Whipasnapa Charter

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Some more beautiful weather along the South Mississippi shores has finally produced a nice keeper cobia for the Biloxi Ms. charter boat Whipasnapa. Big reds, sharks, jacks an piles of spanish and King mackeral, entertained as we anticipated the next cobia to come up the chum slick, or for the screams of the reels to get everyone’s ol ticker ticking at a very dramatic tick.

Only one problem, 2 of the cobia, happened to show an hit at the same time!That didn’t work out so good. One eluded our attempt to capture the beast. But luckily (I suppose) it was the smaller of the two. Sure felt good to give out a round of ol high fives thou. Just breaking the ice was a great feeling. Especially since it seems I was getting to be one of the last to catch one. Yeah, trust me these fellows round here, they like to rub it in. Especially; when it comes to the cobia. They all ask me “You get one yet? You caught any cobia?” Well we have caught 4, which 3 were just short of making the 33inch mark. Anyway a nice fat 42 lber(has give us some redemption) an did make for some surenuff :)s. O an some happy belly’s 2.

Another nice 40 come up through the master chum slick about noon. Which the other action was about 7:30, not long after we anchored. So quite some time had passed before the next sighting. Yes, just a sighting, passed just feet from the boat in the slick 4 times. Yet no one could entice this madame to take their offerings.

The spanish on the lil light tackle spin cast helped pass some time,an were surenuff the 🙂 producers. A bright chartreuse jig bounced around in the chum, produced an exhilarating drag ripping run bout every time. A free lined poggey or croaker drifted back a little further(in the chum slick) would get the ol mighty Kings attention also.

The winds picked up on the weekend, which kept us inshore for one, an actually grounded us Sunday. The crew sat. did manage a good mess of whitetrout, Sheepshead, blackdrums an ground mullets. They elected to take a variety sampler (of the catch) to one of our favorite lil restaurants and have it cooked up for lunch. They only had 2 thumbs but gave it 4 thumbs up.

what you waiting for here is your invitation:

Getcha self on down here, load up on the dang ol’ WhipaSnapa an let’s get it on!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel