Easter fun at the Barrier Islands MS Gulf Coast!

Had some family in town for some Easter fun along the golden Gulf Coast and it turned out to be a beautiful weekend in south Ms. Few of the members wanted to go out the Island and see what would pull their strings a little, and looks like they had some fun with few sharks and nice red fish.

And according to all the smiles, they were glad to be aboard. With a light tackle spin cast in hand something on the other end making those drags sing. We all know what happens, when that happens..:)
Them dang big ol sheepshead on light tackle is bout as good as it gets. They really put up one heck of a scrap. I have really enjoyed experimenting with them in the kitchen. They eat excellent! Very versatile, grilled, baked, fried, stuffed, pattied, po boyed or potato crusted all have suited the taste buds mighty fine! They have been very reliable as well, averaging 12-20 per trip, only fished 2 to 3 hrs. on most. The Big brute sheepshead have been avg. 4 to 8 lbs with a red are 2 in there to boot. Of course the biggest ones got away just before surrendering to the net. Most trips flew in, so not really keeping a whole lot. Some took a few to the local restaurants to have prepared to their liking. They all had thumbs up on that gig!!
We still gettin’em’on! So moan down an get’em’on with us. shoot throw some out there for that holiday table spread!!


Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel