WhipaSnapa Charters

Our 29ft. Sea Hunt open fisherman, twin 250 Yamaha outboards can fish 6 comfortably, with restroom an plenty of shade.
      Fishing trips range from a 3 or 4hr. backwater inshore fishing trip. (catching red fish, speckle trout,flounder an a wide variety of other great fun fish).  5 or 6hr. trips out to the barrier islands catching (Shark, Cobia, Bull Reds) an many more hard fighting fish.  9 or 10hr. extreme adventure out to the open  blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico catching (Tuna, Red Snapper, Grouper, King Mackeral etc) all fantastic eating fish.. Lots of in between trips as well.. 1-2 persons or up to 6.. The 29ft Sea Hunt is very well equipped (all electronics, live wells, curtains etc). Fishes tremendously, handles seas well an sits comfortably in the water a true fishing machine, like its Captain:)
        I (Captain Robert Earl McDaniel) was born and raised on the beautiful Biloxi Back Bay shores and  I've been a licensed deep sea  and inshore light tackle fishing charter boat Captain (guide) since 2001. My dad kept me behind the wheel of something with a fishing pole in hand from very early on.. Thanks Dad!!! 
        My moms golden heart and the will to do for others I think is what I  inherited most that  has allowed me to enjoy the Charter Fishing Business. I love to see people have a great time doing something I love.  So as you step aboard the WhipaSnapa Charter Boat you can rest assure you will be getting a very well prepared boat and captain that loves what he does. So all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your wonderful South Mississippi boating adventure into the very beautiful peaceful calming secluded yet fishy Gulf of Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have enjoyed fishing as well as boating these beautiful Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico  waters all my life. So I know a lil bit about them an what it takes to spend a fun safe and Productive day on the water.  I keep a large variety of bait fish ( shrimp,croaker, pin fish, menhaden etc) on hand for each trip so we always have good bait. I commercial fished a few years an still do  a lot of  tournament fishing, and have won several snapper, cobia, and king mackerel tournaments.  One thing for sure its one of the most challenging things I've ever done physically an mentally.. I still learn something new each and every day on the water...So Keep a sharp hook, keep it in the water an look above an give thanks for all the great blessing may GOD BLESS!!!!!
Captain Earl says...
"I'll guarantee 110% to make your trip as enjoyable as possible!!  You WILL leave with fish and a lifetime of memories."
The Whipasnapa Charter  Boat enjoyed a good week of fishing!!!